Universal Anywhere

Option 1: Download & save a shortcut

Click on the button below to create a Universal Icon (shortcut) on your own Desktop, which should be the usual method to access Universal Anywhere.

Download Desktop Shortcut

Save the file 'Universal.RDP' onto your desktop.

Option 2: Connect via your browser

If you wish to login via a web browser you must do this using Microsoft Internet Explorer. You are currently accessing this page using:

You can either close down this page and access through Internet Explorer or download the shortcut as shown above in option 1.

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If your require any assistance call the helpdesk on the number below
0845 83 82 666

Welcome to Universal Anywhere

Thank you for ordering Universal Anywhere. To make full use of your system and to ensure your software is set up correctly, please read this page and the relevant sections outlined below.

Help Desk

If you have any problems or questions, please call our helpdesk on 0845 83 82 666.

For help on using & navigating around Universal please look at the following information:

Getting Started Guide
Short flash demos
• Specific help is available from any section on Universal by pressing F1 on your keyboard.

Property Search

Your property search web site link can be found by clicking Help/About from Universal. The Property Search URL is your live property search link.

This needs imbedding in your website for your search to work. If you need advice on this or would like us to integrate your search free of charge please contact us. If you prefer your web designer to integrate the search, details can be found by visiting ‘Implementing Property Searches’ page. There are also a variety of different search styles and additional parameters to customise your property search(es) documented there.

If you email a company logo to support@thesaurus.org.uk we can upload it for branding on your full details display. If you require any additional website work (e.g. design/hosting) please contact us for more information.

Portal Processing

Once you have entered your property details we provide automated daily data transfer services to a variety of property portals such as Rightmove. To order portal processing please go to ‘Tools/Portal Uploading/Request portal upload’ menu in Universal.


We supply remote training if required. You remotely log a PC in your office onto our system in our office, whilst talking to one of our trained support staff on the phone. If a speakerphone is used in your branch, several people can be trained at once. This normally takes 1-2 hours, and gives new users a good overview of the system, enabling them to use the software effectively very quickly. To book a slot, please contact our help desk.


Connection Issues

You need to be running latest version of remote desktop connection & Microsoft.NET framework to enable you to connect to Universal Anywhere.

Remote Desktop update

To be on the latest version of remote desktop there are two options.

For Windows XP

Click here to download remote desktop 6.1 for Windows XP or receive it through windows updates as described above. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 (SP1) or newer needs to be installed.

For newer versions of Windows

Update Remote Desktop Connection through Windows updates. If you have all the latest Windows updates, this should ensure the correct version is installed. Click here to check for updates

Microsoft.NET framework update

Click here to download the latest version of .NET Framework